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Month: June 2016

How the Austin Toy Museum Is Bringing Forgotten Toys Back into the Spotlight

I’m convinced this is the closest I will get to time traveling. I’m talking about a place that stirs up so much nostalgia that it might as well be Austin’s secret black hole. The place that I’m talking about is The Austin Toy Museum, of course. What initially started out as a huge private toy collection has now developed into one of Austin’s quirkiest attractions. Not…

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What I Didn’t Expect After Bringing My Dog Home (Advice for New Dog Owners)

This is my dog, Winston. I adopted him a month ago, but this past month wasn’t filled with rainbows and sunshine to be completely honest. There were a lot of ups and downs that made me question if I was cut out to be a dog owner, given I had little to no experience. I didn’t want to break my commitment, so I took a…

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